Swan Hellenic Cruise Calendar 2023 - 24

ARGENTINA ANTARCTIC PENINSULA ICELAND SVALBARD NORWAY SWEDEN GREENLAND CANADA DRAKE PASSAGE NETHERLANDS UNITED STATES CHILE BRAZIL ANTARCTIC SOUTH AFRICA UK ATLANTIC OCEAN NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN NORWEGIAN SEA GREENLAND SEA BARENTS SEA LABRADOR SEA SPAIN KENYA SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN EGYPT SAUDI ARABIA TURKEY ITALY GHANA SENEGAL ANGOLA NAMIBIA MADAGASCAR PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN SEA ALASKA FRANCE GERMANY MOZAMBIQUE South Orkney Islands Buenos Aires Reykjavík Longyearbyen Kangerlussuaq Halifax Dublin St Maarten Salvador Bahia Tristan da Cunha Walvis Bay Accra Ittoqqortoormitt Luanda Dakar Ushuaia Antarctic Sound Valparaíso Mar 2024 Nov 2023 – Mar 2024 Nov 2024 Nov 2023, Mar & Nov 204 Apr 2024 Oct 2024 Portsmouth Amsterdam Lisbon Palermo Piraeus Istanbul Jeddah Mombasa Cape Town Port Victoria Zanzibar Nosy Be Maputo GREECE Tromso May & Aug 2024 Jun & Aug 2024 Jul 2024 Aug 2024 Jun & Jul 2024 Sep 2024 Nov 2024 Callao (Lima) Mar 2024 PERU Panama City Acapulco Apr 2024 Pichilingue (La Paz) Apr 2023 Puntarenas Apr 2024 Cartagena Apr 2024 Nassau May 2024 Mar & Apr 2024 Aug 2024 Sep 2024 Sep 2024 Port Said Sep 2024 Oct 2024 Oct 2024 Nov 2024 Apr 2024 Apr 2024 May 2024 Jun 2024 May & Oct 2024 Oct 2024 Barbados Oct 2024 Bijagos Archipelago ARCTIC Join the ranks of intrepid pioneers as you explore the mesmerising home of the Midnight Sun. NORTHERN EUROPE Think you know it? Think again. See Europe’s famed cultural capitals in a dazzling new light. ANTARCTICA Witnessing the icy landscapes of Earth’s southernmost continent is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. SOUTH AMERICA Ancient cultures, vibrant markets, tantalising cuisine: South America offers a true celebration of life. CANADIAN ARCTIC Visit thriving Inuit communities and haunting Viking ruins amidst wildlife-packed active glaciers. MEDITERRANEAN Experience legendary delights in the cradle of Western civilisation: a destination for culture aficionados. For the most up to date itineraries please visit swanhellenic.com SH Vega SH Diana CENTRAL AMERICA Encounter Central America’s wild side where lush rainforests meet the sea teeming with exotic creatures. AFRICA EAST COAST East Africa: where majestic wildlife roams with unique biodiversity and pristine coastal beauty. AFRICA WEST COAST Past meets present as drums echo in a land of colonial architecture, vast savannahs, dense rainforest. CUBA Be seduced by Cuba’s heady mix of cigars, salsa, vintage cars, mojitos, sandy shores and timeless allure. World class adventure 2 3 WHERE WE TRAVEL