Swan Hellenic 2024

DISCOVER MORE AT SWANHELLENIC.COM 4 5 SUSTAINABILITY Responsible Cruising We are committed to preserving the beauty of the world we explore for future generations, taking urgent and innovative concrete action to reduce our environmental footprint. Climate Action Exploring the globe, we constantly encounter dramatic evidence of global warming and climate change. This strengthens our resolve to take urgent action - within our organisation and in the destinations we travel to - to combat their causes and mitigate their effects. Thriving Communities We build strong connections with the communities that host our cultural expedition cruises, respecting their cultural and environmental integrity, while partnering with them to generate positive impacts. Quality Education Education and research empower human potential. Proud of our roots in British academia, we work to support regional research initiatives, ensuring access to inclusive and equitable education and providing lifelong learning opportunities for all. Swan Hellenic has always been passionate about our planet’s rich environmental and cultural heritage. It’s in our name and nature, and it's what inspires us to experience the world’s wild unspoilt places and explore its rich and diverse cultures, ancient sites and civilisations. A culture of care for people and planet Life in the Water With our strong seafaring heritage, we are committed to the responsible use of marine resources for sustainable development. This is vital in promoting and conserving the health and biodiversity of the Earth’s waters. Legacies of the Land We strive to preserve the natural and cultural landmarks that our expedition cruises explore, promoting and advancing the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and historic sites for future generations. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Dynamically inclusive companies and societies are key to sustainable development. As the pioneer of cultural expedition cruising, we welcome adventurers of every age, gender, orientation, nationality and interest to explore worldwide. We promote gender equity and women and girls’ empowerment worldwide, and have strong internal policies that ensure our employees enjoy equal opportunities of employment and professional development, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, sexual orientation, functional ability and political view. Proud member of Our focus areas Swan Hellenic’s sustainability policies are fully compliant with and exceed the cruise industry global standards governing its safety, environmental and labour aspects. In line with the UN sustainable development goals, we are focusing on the following 6 key areas. Traditional dressed people, Sierra Leone