Swan Hellenic 2024

GREENLAND ICELAND Reykjavík Kangerlussuaq Disko Bay Ilulissat Nuuk (Godthab) Sisimiut Skjoldungen Ivigtut Prins Christian Sund Aappilattoq NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN LABRADOR SEA Ilulissat glaciers at fjord Disco Bay West Greenland Colourful little Arctic town, Sisimiut cruise transfer airport/hotel one night pre-cruise transfer hotel/port regional flight transfer port/airport 49 DISCOVER MORE AT SWANHELLENIC.COM Discover the rugged majesty of Greenland's rocky coastline and the warmth of its resilient communities. Here, traditional ways of life carry on against a backdrop of stunning arctic scenery and immense mountains. Navigate through intricate fjord systems and learn about the ways of the Vikings as you explore ancient ruins that pepper the landscape. Search for migratory seals, humpback, and bowhead whales as you explore these wild shores. Join us on our voyage to a fascinating and varied part of Greenland, one of the world's last great adventures. 30 Aug – 9 Sep 2024 SH Vega Reykjavik - Kangerlussuaq 10 nights Greenland in-depth Day Visiting • 1 Reykjavik • 2 At Sea • 3 Skjoldungen • 4 Prins Christian Sound & Aappilattoq • 5 Ivigtut • 6 Nuuk (Godthab) • 7 Sisimiut • 8 Ilulissat • 9 Disko Bay • 10-11 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland Ports, port order and itinerary duration may vary, for the most up-to-date details see swanhellenic.com 5 Unmissables Navigate the remote and stunning Skjoldungen Fjord – a narrow fjord surrounded by rugged peaks, calving tidewater glaciers and brightly coloured dwarf and willow trees. Look out for the abandoned Inuit dwellings scattered along the shores. Sail through Prins Christian Sund – the steep-sided 100km fjord that separates the mainland from the Cape Farewell Archipelago. Choked with ice for most of the year, the narrow route is only accessible in the summer. Sail near the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the thousands of massive stranded icebergs at Disko Bay at the end of the fast-moving glacial stream – an aweinspiring sight. Explore the lively town of Ilulissat and pay a visit to the fascinating museum, the beautiful wooden Zion’s Church and the traditional kayak displays. Visit the remote colourful fishing towns that are dispersed along Greenland’s rugged west coast. Wander the charming streets as locals hunt, fish and go about their daily lives in these friendly communities. IVITTUT Explore the abandoned mining town, once the world’s largest reserve of naturally occurring cryolite WHAT’S IN A NAME? Greenland is sometimes called Inuit Nunaat in Greenlandic, which means 'Land of the People' → Starting from € 14,950 per person in double Oceanview Stateroom occupancy