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DISCOVER MORE AT SWANHELLENIC.COM Arch of Trajan in Timgad. Batna. Algeria. 17 Mediterranean Culture MEDITERRANEAN EXPEDITION CRUISES Greece More than just a pretty face with its endless coastlines, white-washed buildings and balmy seas, Greece is the place where mythology and ancient history intertwine. Contemplate the seemingly impossible architecture of Athens’s Parthenon, marvel at Delos Island’s archaeology or follow in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims at the Temple of Artemis. Turkey The meeting point of Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is richly historical and home to a striking diversity of cultures. Explore GrecoRoman Ephesus, the bestpreserved ancient city in the Mediterranean, tour Istanbul’s centuries-old Blue Mosque or indulge in Turkey’s culinary history with meze and baklava accompanied by a glass of traditional çay. Italy The seat of the Roman Empire, Italy is renowned for its worldclass food, fine wine, fashion and football. But delve beneath the surface and you’ll find an abundance of unexpected wonders. From Trapani’s biodiverse salt pans to the Valley of the Temples, an ancient architectural wonder, Italy is a treasure trove of cultural and natural marvels. Cyprus From neolithic settlements to the remains of once mighty kingdoms, sun-soaked Cyprus is home to some fascinating archaeology. Often referred to as the ‘Island of Love’, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty was once worshipped here. Today she can be honoured at the ruins of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tunisia The Arab-speaking world’s most liberal sovereignty, compact Tunisia punches well above its weight with its cultural offerings. Just outside of Tunis, the ancient city of Carthage was once the heart of the Phoenician trade network. Tunis’s Bardo Museum houses the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. Here, the distant past is never far away. Algeria Since its Phoenician foundations in 900 BC, the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Muslims, Spanish, Ottomans and the French have all laid their claim on this land. The result is a magnificent blend of Islamic architecture, Europeaninfluenced culture, ancient fortresses and vast, perfectly preserved Roman sites.