Swan Hellenic 2024

DISCOVER MORE AT SWANHELLENIC.COM 7 CULTURAL CRUISING Exploring with head and heart Swan Hellenic pioneered cultural expedition cruising in 1954, when we accompanied members of the Hellenic Society around the famous sites of ancient Greece in the company of eminent classicists. Explore Every Swan Hellenic cruise is the same today as it always was, combining geographical exploration with cultural and scientific discovery. We don't just take you to explore the most extraordinary places on earth. We bring you the company of like-minded people and renowned experts, who offer eye-opening lectures and are on hand for informal questions and discussion throughout your cruise. Experience So when you choose Swan Hellenic to see what others don’t – you can be sure you’ll do so with a full perspective and real insight into the history, cultures, wildlife, flora, geology and geography of the place. Briefings before each disembarkation and recaps afterwards supplement our lectures and talks, stimulating a relaxed social environment that encourages the sharing of experiences. Enrich At the same time, every Swan Hellenic cruise is also full of opportunities for you to develop your creative passions, with professionals on board to support you in photography and more. A library completes the picture, with a multitude of books on every subject, for you to take your interests to another level. It’s the depth of these other dimensions that’s unique to Swan Hellenic, making us the first choice of adventurous minds worldwide. Ruins of Seleukeia Pamphylia Lyrbe, Greece