Swan Hellenic Cruise Calendar 2023 - 24

10 11 ARGENTINA ANTARCTIC PENINSULA ICELAND SVALBARD NORWAY SWEDEN GREENLAND CANADA DRAKE PASSAGE NETHERLANDS UNITED STATES CHILE BRAZIL ANTARCTIC SOUTH AFRICA UK NORWEGIAN SEA GREENLAND SEA BARENTS SEA LABRADOR SEA SPAIN KENYA SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN EGYPT SAUDI ARABIA TURKEY ITALY MADAGASCAR PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN SEA ALASKA FRANCE GERMANY MOZAMBIQUE South Orkney Islands Reykjavík Halifax Tristan da Cunha Ushuaia Antarctic Sound Valparaíso Mar 2024 Nov 2023 – Feb 2024 Nov 2023 & Nov 204 Oct 2024 Amsterdam Lisbon Palermo Piraeus Istanbul Jeddah Mombasa Cape Town Port Victoria Zanzibar Nosy Be Maputo GREECE Tromso Jun 2024 Aug 2024 Jul 2024 Callao (Lima) Mar 2024 PERU Panama City Acapulco Apr 2024 Pichilingue (La Paz) Apr 2023 Puntarenas Apr 2024 Cartagena Apr 2024 Nassau May 2024 Mar & Apr 2024 Aug 2024 Sep 2024 Sep 2024 Port Said Sep 2024 Oct 2024 Oct 2024 Nov 2024 May 2024 Aug 2024 NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN ATLANTIC OCEAN SH Diana The largest 5 star ship in our fleet, SH Diana (named after the Roman goddess of light, the moon, hunting and the wilderness) is elegant and spacious, built to explore the Mediterranean’s famous sites of antiquity and beyond. USHUAIA Try exploring and hiking in Argentina’s bustling port, where the Andes meets the Beagle Channel. PUERTO NATALES An ideal base for visiting the famed and feral Torres del Paine National Park, a UNESCOlisted natural wonderland. ATACAMA DESERTS you’ll discover a different world of moonscape salt flats, lagoons, and vast deserts. DARIEN JUNGLE Home to the indigenous Emberá people. who have lived in this region for centuries. SHIP ROUTES For the most up to date itineraries please visit swanhellenic.com VALLE DEI TEMPLI The ‘Valley of the Temples’ is an archaeologist’s dream, with seven Doric temples to discover. BEAR ISLAND It’s common to see arctic foxes dotted along the landscape of this Svalbard nature reserve. ALDABRA ISLAND Home to the Aldabra giant tortoise, this atoll is the largest raised coral reef in the world. MADAGASCAR For nature enthusiasts, the island is unmissable. Spot lemurs, turtles and more – the biodiversity is awe-inspiring. LUXOR & SAFAGA Bisected by the Nile, ancient Thebes lives on in Luxor – and Safaga is the perfect port pitstop. LAMU ISLAND With bustling days and balmy, star-filled nights, Lamu is beloved to expats and locals alike. PETRA Voted one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, Jordan’s ancient sandstone city rewards thorough exploration.