Swan Hellenic Cruise Calendar 2023 - 24

8 9 ARGENTINA ANTARCTIC PENINSULA ICELAND SVALBARD NORWAY SWEDEN GREENLAND CANADA DRAKE PASSAGE NETHERLANDS UNITED STATES BRAZIL ANTARCTIC SOUTH AFRICA UK NORWEGIAN SEA GREENLAND SEA BARENTS SEA LABRADOR SEA SPAIN SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN ITALY GHANA SENEGAL ANGOLA NAMIBIA PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN SEA ALASKA FRANCE GERMANY South Orkney Islands Buenos Aires Reykjavík Longyearbyen Kangerlussuaq Halifax Dublin St Maarten Salvador Bahia Tristan da Cunha Walvis Bay Accra Luanda Dakar Ushuaia Antarctic Sound Nov 2023 – Mar 2024 Nov 2024 Mar 204 Apr 2024 Portsmouth Lisbon Cape Town GREECE May & Aug 2024 Jun & Aug 2024 Jul 2024 Sep 2024 Nov 2024 Apr 2024 Apr 2024 May 2024 Jun 2024 Oct 2024 Oct 2024 Barbados Oct 2024 Bijagos Archipelago ATLANTIC OCEAN NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN Ittoqqortoormitt TURKEY SH Vega Named after the first ship to cross the Arctic Northeast Passage, this 5 star elegant 'Scandi-design' boutique ship leaves nothing to be desired. The perfect way to explore the world, from the Arctic and Iceland to Africa and South America. DISKO BAY Various whales roam the waters of the bay in springtime, including bowheads, humpbacks and narwhals. SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS Slightly warmer than Antarctica, these islands showcase unique flora and fauna when explored via Zodiac. ÎLES DU SALUT Of volcanic origin, the ‘Islands of Salvation’ boast a distinctive blend of mixed-Creole and indigenous culture. ABROLHOS ARCHIPELAGO Charles Darwin explored these diversely populated islands, and their extensive reefs have caused many shipwrecks. SHIP ROUTES WALVIS BAY Watch flocks of flamingos ruffle their feathers from relaxed waterside bars and restaurants. CONKOUATI RESERVE Of the three national parks in Congo, beautiful Conkouati is the newest and most biodiverse. SOUTH LOANGO NATIONAL PARK This coastal national park protects the jewel-like Iguéla Lagoon as well as countless species of native wildlife. GRIMSEY ISLAND With a human-to-bird ratio of 1:10,000, Grimsey is perfect for puffinspotting in summer. SVALBARD Get up-close-andpersonal with one of the Arctic’s most varied polar landscapes – home to 3,000 polar bears. BIJAGOS ARCHIPELAGO A tropical paradise off Guinea-Bissau's coast with pristine beaches, lush mangroves and vibrant marine life. For the most up to date itineraries please visit swanhellenic.com